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Patient North Downs Hospital: 's Story

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    Patient after Mr Anand performed ACL reconstruction surgery and repair of the meniscus in 2019 at North Downs Hospital:

    From my initial consultation with Mr Anand to my post-op care, I have been nothing but impressed with his professionalism, skill, knowledge and kind demeanor. I came to Mr Anand with a knee injury that was dismissed as a fat pad injury, but as soon as he performed a few simple tests, he insisted I be sent for an MRI scan, which showed I had torn my right ACL.

    From that moment, I was booked into have surgery - a choice made as I played sport (netball) and did CrossFit 3-5 times a week. Mr Anand was very open about what the surgery involved and what the risks were while also answering any questions I had about pre and post operation care.

    I had my surgery at North Downs hospital and I could not recommend it enough - I was looked after very well by all staff members, from the anaesthetist to the chef! Mr Anand came and saw me in the morning to go through what would happen – and calmed my nerves with a few jokes. When I came round, Mr Anand came to show me the physiotherapy I needed to start almost instantly (his care and knowledge here put me at ease and ensured I knew I had to push through the pain if I wanted to get back to my active lifestyle!)

    I stayed overnight, but when I went home the next day I started my physiotherapy plan instantly. Within a week, I was off my crutches and almost had full extension and over a 90 degree bend. I truly believe Mr Anand's experience and skill in the hospital room meant I started to recover well and at a speedy rate. And my physiotherapist, of course.

    Over the next six months, I came to see Mr Anand for my check ups - all of which were brilliant. I am now back to lifting 50kg over my head, sprinting and living my very healthy lifestyle.

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